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Or in box five. It was instructed to be left empty, but the managers don't always listen.

theme III by sibunas

Phantom of the Opera. When going to the opera, don't sit under the chandelier. Things musicals taught me.

Totally safe and wise idea...(yeah right!!!)

I was going to say "If a masked man appears in your dressing room mirror, don't take singing lessons from him." It may help you bust out of the chorus line and get a date with the rich patron but bad things will happen LOL phantom of the opera

things musicals taught me this applies to all musicals

Works every time. Things Musicals Taught Me

When attracted to darkness, the senses abandon the defenses. phantom of the opera

"Phantom of the Opera"

Things Musicals Taught Me ~ The Phantom of the Opera **But he could be an incredibly good looking, if slightly deformed, master of the arts and sciences who loves you unconditionally.

Did some stalker watch me and write this about me? Because this is totally true!

Lyrics On My Own Les Miserable

I did dream about me flying with Peter Pan once (I was terrible at it) and I dream about The Phantom Of The Opera 2 times (I think).

Because now, there is a higher call, and our little lives don't count at all.

"Who cares about your lonely soul? We strive towards a larger goal. Our little lives don't count at all." ~ Red and Black lyrics // Things Musicals Taught Me - Les Miserables

Hm....new career plan maybe? It worked for Elle.....???? :-)

You ever been in love? 'Cause if you have you'll know that love never accepts a defeat. Legally Blonde the Musical < Do lawyers feel love too?