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Beautiful I love feeling what the artist felt like in there paintings there beautiful masterpiece

This is cooler than an ice latte (, and that's pretty chill 😎)

I am not really quite sure where to pin this, but since it is a painting, I suppose it might go in the home. Oil painting "A Jar Of Roses" 20 x 12 inches by Artist NORA KASTEN

L'idea Non aver paura di sfidare, non temere di far sentire, vivi i tuoi istinti e cogli ciò che si dice. Si vive di un piacere assoluto nell'attimo in cui si é preda delle stesse voglie.  Sereno Notturno  perhaps

Loui Jover Jover is one of my greatest inspirations. This piece by him consists of lines that detail the features of the woman, as well as "extend" the picture. The image almost seem abstract, and the colors catch the eye of the viewer.

Saatchi Art Artist yossi kotler; Painting, “wondering (sold)” #art

Wondering (sold)

Valerio D'Ospina  Flat Iron  2012  oil on panel  18x42

Tribeca Flatiron inspiration - Flat Iron urbanscapes Using long, linear brushstrokes and muted, contrasted tones, Italian oil painter Emilio Valerio D’ Ospina creates a tremendous sense of movement, depth and height in his urban images

Image result for paintings of anxiety and depression

Image result for paintings of anxiety and depression