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Thomas Jefferson Portrait by artist-historian George Stuart. Visit Our Site For More Information: http://www.galleryhistoricalfigures.com/figuredetail.php?abvrname=ThomasJefferson

Thomas Jefferson - how cool! I believe this is a George Stuart doll. Wish I had this in high school to give to my history teacher, a loyal Jeffersonian!

Удивительное творчество Георга Стюарта. | Наслаждение творчеством

Tsarevich Alexie Petrovich - The Tragic Example of the Classic Conflict Between Fathers & Sons

Georg Ludwig, Elector of Hanover was crowned King of Great Britain and King of Ireland in 1714, succeeding Queen Anne. The first Hanoverian monarch of Great Britain and Ireland, he spoke no English; instead, he spoke his native German or French.  Scandal rocked his marriage, when he imprisioned for life his wife Spohia of Celle for a believed indiscretion.

Full length color image of George I aka. George I of England, George Louis, by George Stuart.

Queen Charlotte Sophia (1744-1818) was the wife of George II and the mother of George IV and William IV.  She is was the longest living consort in English history until the present Duke of Edinburgh.

Full length color image of Queen Charlotte Sophia 1761 aka. Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz consort of George III of Great Britain, by George Stuart.

Martin Luther Revolted by corruption in the hierarchy and its simony, he used the new mechanism of movable type in printing to attack the papacy. He found no need for an intermediary clergy, and his message was to follow a literal translation of the Bible and the insistence that salvation was to be found in the text and nowhere else!  - Renaissance and Reformation by George Stuart

Full length color image of Martin Luther, by George Stuart.

Queen Isabella (1478) - Personified Religious Fanatacism

Full length portrait of Queen Isabella 1478 aka. "The Catholic" from Renaissance and Reformation

Full length color image of Henry VIII aka. Henry VIII of England, Henry Tudor, by George Stuart.

Henry VIII - Parliament proclaimed Henry head of the Church in England.

Full length color image of Ludovico Sforza aka. Ludovico il Moro, by George Stuart.

About Ludovico Sforza aka. Ludovico il Moro from Renaissance and Reformation. Portrait by artist-historian George Stuart. Catelog name LudovicoSforza.

Prince Kung was the older, wiser, more sober half-brother of the dissolute Hsien Feng emperor. His quick action and a hard-fought deal with the European invaders stabilized the national chaos while at the same time negotiating the safety and security of the Imperial throne.

About Prince Kung aka. Prince Gong from Portraits of Historical Figures of Qing China. Portrait by artist-historian George Stuart.

Empress Anna Ivanovna - Raised in a German Principality, she was Related to Peter the Great

About Empress Anna Ivanovna aka. Анна Иоанновна, Anna of Russia from Historical Figures of Russia

Benjamin Franklin, son of a poor candle and soap maker, became an accomplished statesman, diplomat, writer, scientist and philosopher. He rallied French support for the nation and was key architect of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He also helped to guide the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war between England and the new United States.

Full length color image of Benjamin Franklin aka. The First American in England, by George Stuart.

Martha Washington (at Valley Forge) - "Lady Washington," Hated Camplife but Brought Light to All

Full length color image of Martha Washington (at Valley Forge), by George Stuart.