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Funny Texts

Funny Texts

what's your unicorn name?

What's Your Unicorn Name? Sunshine sugar sock my name is sunshine sugar socks<---Mine is sunshine twinkle toes!<----mine is sugar yellow banana

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 39 Pics

And we got like 8 weeks til it stops <--? Our winter darkness lasts until like mid march

When you are having a bad day then you try to put a trampoline up  Daily Meme #2

When you are having a bad day then you try to put a trampoline up Daily Meme


Multiple large numbers - Thats how they are teaching the kids these days. Its new method. I can see where it would make fractions and cross multiplication easier when time to cross that bridge.

Communication that only bffs understand

bahahahahahahaha not really a quote but so made me laugh & think of my best friend! What was even more funny cuz my best friend's name is laura lol

Not all of them are the best, but some are pretty smart if you think about them.

Best Spongebob Lines

Patrick: *hand raised* Is mayonnaise an instrument? Squidward: No patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument. Patrick: *raises hand again* Squidward: Horseradish is not an instrument either.

This is totally something i would say to some random person that asked me out

Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED That's horrible and sad and a little funny

The grossest, prettiest Christmas present.

The grossest, prettiest Christmas present.

Awesome jewelry gift - oysters to shuck! Find your own uniquely shaped/colored pearls! Such a sweet and unusual gift ! Now thats putting thought into a gift !

Funny Text Message Fail: That's what you get for trying to hit up your girlfriend's friend!