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Bethany Yellowtail 2

Ojibwe model Jade Willoughby and Tlingit/Koyukon/Athabascan model Martin Sensmeier Stunning Images Show How Native American Fashion Looks Without Cultural Appropriation

Preston Singletary (American, 1963), "Raven Steals the Sun,"

“Raven Steals the Sun,” by Preston Singletary, Tlingit, Blown and carved glass. Raven’s head is upthrust as if flying out of the smokehole of the house, after stealing the sun disk from the box of daylight. The red orb is held in Raven’s beak.

I'm thinking this would be perfect with my raven masque for the Pumpkin Ball.

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The Eternal Flame  Cherokee Nation (loved this trip)

"Eternal Flame of the Cherokee Nation This fire is a memorial of those people who suffered and died on the infamous 'Trail of Tears'. It also commemorates the reuniting of the Eastern and Western Cherokee Nation here at Red Clay- Aug.