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Seymour Joseph Guy (1824 – 1910)

Seymour Joseph Guy — Evening, 1867 : The Worcester Art Museum, Worcester.

At the Opera - Seymour Joseph Guy - The Athenaeum

At the Opera Seymour Joseph Guy (American, Oil on canvas. Guy created paintings that appealed to post-Civil War genteel Victorian tastes. His paintings have smooth, lacquered finishes because of his careful glazing process that he.

Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910) Dear Polly

Seymour Joseph Guy (American painter) 1824 - 1910 Dear Polly, s. oil on canvas x cm x

Nosotros Somos Quien Somos: Obstinado  -  La poesía de Glastein.-

Third Avenue El Guy Pène du Bois (American, Oil on canvas. Pène du Bois progressed in style and his work began to consistently feature several distinct characteristics: larger.

James Jacques Joseph Tissot art

“ The Hammock. James Jaques Tissot (French, Oil on canvas. Tissot plays to the idea of luxury, langour, and love. Idly reading her newspaper, Kathleen Newton tempts the male viewer with a glimpse of petticoat. The sleeping dog.

Cornelis Kruseman  (1797-1857)   — Old Woman Reading, 1820 - 1833 (1023x1272)

"A life without books is possible, but senseless" - Illustration: Lezende oude vrouw, Cornelis Kruseman, 1820 - 1833