Marjaniemi Lighthouse,(Marjaniemen majakka in Finnish) Hailuoto Finland 65.040000, 24.565000 , via Flickr

Marjaniemi Lighthouse, Hailuoto Island, Gulf of Bothnia, North Ostrobothnia, Finland (Marjaniemen majakka in Finnish)

Foz do Douro, Oporto | Portugal by Joao.Almeida.d.Eca #lighthouse

even in the midst of storm and waves, lighthouses still stand Farol de Felgueiras, Porto, Portugal

Mukilteo Lighthouse on Washington's Puget Sound • Justin Kraemer Photography on Flickr

Mukilteo Lighthouse at Mukilteo, Washington is an operational lighthouse on Washington's Puget Sound. Year first lit The revolving lens was replaced with a fixed lens in

Bengtskär Light, Hanko, Finland

Bengtskär Light, Hanko, Finland (spacious quarters for the innkeeper)

Marblehead Lighthouse and the Moon, Ohio:

★ Lightly Blue ★ Marblehead Lighthouse and the Moon, Ohio. Reminds me of Gatsby because of the green light.

Kõpu Peninsula Lighthouse, Estonia (constructed 1531)

Kõpu Peninsula Lighthouse, Estonia, constructed 1531 A.

Bengtskär Lighthouse by Mikko Rauhala, via 500px

Located in the Baltic at the position Lighthouse was build in 1905 and is 52 meters high, the highest in the Baltic.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse, NC

Cape Lookout Lighthouse built in 1859 is located on Harkers Island along the southern outer bank group of islands along the North Carolina coast. Stands 163 feet tall and is the tallest in the US.