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The participants on an early episode of The Match Game, including Richard Dawson in the lower center position. One of my favorite programs in the 70's...

With Gene Rayburn, Johnny Olson, Brett Somers, Richard Dawson. The five-day-a-week syndicated successor to the popular CBS game show, where two could compete to match fill-in-the-blank phrases with those of the celebrities.

Match Game. The best game show ever!  I heard they were all having cocktails during the show.  Perfect!

The Match Game - The game show actually debuted in 1962 - It was revived in 1973 - 1984 which was the most popular run of the show. Both versions were hosted by the late Gene Rayburn.

Matchgame!  Loved this game!

The Match Game - Tom Poston, ?, Charles Nelson Reilly, Mary Ann Mobley, Richard Dawson and Betty White

Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ran from January, 1977 to January, The shows alternated each week. Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson were the Hardy Boys and Pamela Sue Anderson was Nancy Drew. Having a ginormous crush on Shaun Cassidy

Betty White With Allen Ludden, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Dolly Read Martin, Richard Dawson, and Gene Rayburn on Match Game in 1973

The Evolution of Betty White

MATCH GAME Fans adored this celebrity matching game primarily for its bawdy humor and banter between host Gene Rayburn and beloved panelists such as Charles…

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Match Game: A game show with some real blank

Match Game: A game show with some real blank. I would go on this show as one of the celebrities to write down their answer to the question. I'd get some laughter out of it.

I can still hear the theme song....watched it every Friday night.

Earlier this month, CBS/Paramount announced the November release of Love, American Style - Season Volume 1 on DVD. Yesterday the studio released.

Love them!

The Waltons. I think we thought of ourselves as the Walton's .we had a lot of kids and a Mary Ellen! Did the "Good Night Mary Ellen, good night John Boy" a lot

Collections – David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be « The ...

Collections – David Tennant in Places He Shouldn’t Be

TV Show Families: Write down a list of names of characters from different TV families (like The Brady Bunch, The Simpsons, The Adams Family) and have guests try to guess the correct show.

Turns out I have a similar illness but no spacesuit and no horse!

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble I so remember watching this on TV!

New York is where I 'd rather stay -  I get allergic smelling hay -  I just adore a penthouse view -   Darlin', I love ya, but give me Park Avenue

Green Acres Poster - "Green Acres is the place to be, farrrm living is the life for me. Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.

Watching Hee Haw on Saturdays at my grandma's house

Hee Haw / TV variety show featuring country music and humor. It aired on CBS-TV, co-hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark.

Match Game celebrity panelists Richard Dawson, Brett Somers, and Charles Nelson Reilly with host Gene Rayburn.

Match Game Stars Richard Dawson, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly and Gene Rayburn - 5X7, 8X10 or 11X14 Photo (AA-177)

Match Game Stars Richard Dawson Brett Sommers by HistoricalMedia