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Millions of little girls dream of being a Disney princess, but what they may not realize is that bodies like Jasmine’s and Belle’s could not exist in the real world.

Teenager breaks down the unrealistic anatomies of Disney princesses Meridith Viguet’s ‘Disney Girls Tutorial’ highlights the unattainable physical features shared by the cartoon characters, including their giant eyes, tiny feet and little w

Disney - How to Draw Princesses

The How To Draw Disney art books were very helpful to me when I first started drawing, and still are.

Steps to learn how to draw Rapunzel from Tangled

Sorry for the delay, but here's another tutorial that was requested. If you have any questions or requests of more tutorials just ask. More tutorials: Ariel Belle[link] Pocahontas Rapunzel my Faceb.

Another description of how unrealistic Disney girls are in looks--but also exactly how to draw them!

The unbelievable anatomy of a Disney princess revealed

Although Disney has strived to create diversity, each Princesse's eye shape appears to be consistent irrespective of their heritage. In addition, their pupils never shrink heedless of various lighting; an unattainable standard for children.