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Emma Watson is my favorite actress, and I absolutely love her sense of fashion as well. She is just perfect

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honestly i've never even read/seen harry potter but it's safe to say i have a crush on emma watson


Happy Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe who turns 24 today! {damn when did harry potter get so sexy}

I love her hair better like this! No pixie cut!

Emma Watson is so pretty! She was in all of the Harry Potter movies (Hermione Granger) and in the Tale of Despereaux (Princess Pea)

Emma Watson is gorgeous... I'm jealous. And of course, she was Hermione in Harry Potter, but if you didn't already know that, there's something wrong.

Simply beautiful

DR : Love the lighting

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brown eyes, makeup

Official Top 30 World's Most Beautiful Women Of Emma is a natural beauty you could see it as she grew from a little girl in Harry Potter she had that lovable thing about her and it will never go away. A smile to melt your heart.