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When your wife sees you about to be killed by your wife and then attempts to shoot your wife while your best friend is sitting off to the side pregnant with your wife. Dr. Who Explained

Nerd Girl Problem 16 - Having To Explain Doctor Who To Someone.

What? This isn't a problem! This is the truth I tell you! THE TRUTH!!!

Nerd Girl Problem 208 - Trying To Convince Yourself That You Live In An Alternate Universe, And That Is Why You Haven't Seen The Doctor Yet.

People should stop glamourising Post-Pond Depression because it's real and we are suffering and we need hugs

I know it was a long time ago, kinda, but I still have Post-Pond Depression. Come along Pond, please

Your friends read NerdGirlProblems because they think they are funny, but these things are serious issues to you.

Nerd Girl Problem 445 - Your Friends Read NerdGirlProblems Because They Think They Are Funny, But These Things Are Serious Issues To You.

The 10th Doctor, Lex from smallville, Willow from Buffy, Clay and Lucas from the otherworld book series. my list could go on... x.x

Percy Jackson Ron Weasley Leo Valdez Tobias Eaton Artemis Fowl Edmund Pevensie Peter Pevensie Ethan Wate Finnick Odair Peeta Mellark Remus Lupin and countless others…

Nerd Girl Problems #115

Nerd Girl Problem 115 - You Have All These Desires To Play Popular Video Games But You Don't Have The Money. Get them used, or just hook up with some gamer friends and swap them around.


Nerd Girl Problems: Superwholock : i cannot wait for the new doctor who episodes and gunna start watching sherlock!


Nerd Girl Problem 110 - When Girls Say "I'm A Computer Geek Too!" While Using Internet Explorer.

It's not a craft but I would say good library humor!!

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Nerd girl problems #429. Cringing when people ask to borrow your books.

Nerd girl problems Cringing when people ask to borrow your books. I never let anyone borrow them. I hate people touching my books!