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We can reverse (not just mitigate) global warming. And while we’re at it, we can also restore soil fertility, eliminate rural poverty and hunger. Find out how here: http://orgcns.org/1A93FvB

Reversing Global Warming, Hunger and Poverty: Supercharging the Global Grassroots

Dr. Oz Exposed!  Promotes Vaccine on TV but Admits He Won't Give it to H...

FILE - In this June file photo, Dr. Mehmet Oz, vice chairman and professor of surgery, Col. - The Associated Press

Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of deforestation

When you reduce or eliminate meat from your meals, it's great for the environment, for your health, against animal cruelty.

Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival? A Scientific Detective Story by Theo Colborn — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival?--A Scientific Detective Story Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peter Meyers

"Chernobyl and Other Places Where Animals Thrive Without People" "Some disaster zones end up as accidental nature reserves: places where animals survive because humans aren't allowed in."  Picture of European gray wolf on Ukranian side of Chernobyl exclusion zone

Sergei Gaschak’s photography offers an unparalleled glimpse at animal life inside “the zone”, the area of Ukraine and Belarus that has been officially closed off to human habitation since the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe of

gmo potatoes list 2016 at http://www.gmofreegazette.com

Farming safe haven against GMOs protected in Oregon. This is a big step forward for farms everywhere.

Boycott corporations that oppose GMO labeling.  **And check out actual ingredients listed on box compared to their print ads & commercials**

Genetically engineered Bt corn is an EPA registered pesticide. Every cell of this corn plant produces its own built-in Bt toxin. It kills by exploding.

North Pole Forecast To Be 50 Degrees Warmer Than Normal This Week

North Pole Forecast To Be 50 Degrees Warmer Than Normal This Week

For the second year in a row, the Arctic is way hotter than it& supposed to be.

Call it what you want, but when must of the planet has no hope of basic comfort and a significant number live in desperation while a tiny minority lives in opulence, it's simply obscene.