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Boy: I don't bite... Adrien: I do !!

This is a great headcanon - I can totally see this being true. Since he has so few friends, I bet he's super protective of every friend he has - and, bonus, I think he has a bit of a crush on Marinette.

Miraculous Ladybug, how ladybug finds chat in a crowd

Miraculous Ladybug, how ladybug finds chat in a crowd>> on my gosh Chloé was totally Draco Malfoy

I want this to happen >< ł Miraculous Ladybug

I want this to happen >< ł Miraculous Ladybug Interview alya chat noir ladybug ladynoir

miraculous ladybug, marichat, ladynoir, ladybug

miraculous ladybug, marichat, ladynoir, ladybug >> also it sounds like "Marry Chat"


no one ever says that around me but I hear a lot of people talking about MLB even if it’s across the room (this happened and I ran over after eavesdropping to join in the conversation)

This would be hilarious XD

SPOILER ALERT*** Hawkmoth didn’t freak out though. When Dark Owl was about to drown Ladybug and Chat Noir In whipped cream, Hawkmoth was just like, Okay den.

Adrien, dupain cheng, and ladybug image

Hehe fluent Chinese, but we already know Adrien speaks Chinese even before they possibly start dating<<yea.but Marinette does not speak Chinese.there is a VERY LARGE flaw to your head cannon

Oh god

Oh god >> "Scream back, we'll be good" Omfg dying xD

Soon it'll start taking over tumblr posts~> Haha!! XD ~> Soon we will finally take over the world...

I'm not even in this fucking fandom but I habe no problem with the fan art tbh its pretty cute

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Miraculous ladybug

I do this all the time to my friends. They hate my puns, but my puns are puntastic

AWWWWWW, this is so beautiful!

Marinette is so clumsy this would totally happen. Also, when Alya finds out about it the next day she FREAKS out.


True << yeah, but I think it would be funnier if the last one said "Ladybug: *puts an ice cube down his shirt*"