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Clarion Train Trestle

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What parallels should there be between window and back door?Ivy and Door "Also in Fahan, Ireland, this is the kitchen of the house my dad grew up in. It's now abandoned, and the ivy is growing through the kitchen.

Abandoned theme park....amazing

Nara Dreamland, Abandoned Amusement Park in Japan - 30 beautiful abandoned places around the world. Definitely need to visit these places.

15 of the Worlds Most Strange Abandoned Places - Sunken yacht in Antarctica

15 of the World's Most Strange Abandoned Places - Sunken yacht in Antarctica. Terrifying and so intriguing!

The Caged birds sing - Verden Psychiatric Hospital

Verden Psychiatric Hospital- so creepy? yes the abandoned hospital is creepy, the patients themselves were only ill and stigmatized.

Destroyed and Abandoned

lividula : gnostic-forest : architectureofdoom : Road washed out by flood, WA state. This is so beautiful Officially my new favorite picture in the whole world.

33 stunning photographs of abandoned places

33 impresionantes fotografías de lugares abandonados

The Kerry Way walking path between Sneem and Kenmare in Ireland.stone cottage reclaimed by nature