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"And every night, he would return to the dark underground den he dwelled in."

wolveswolves: “ Let’s not forget crediting the artist for this amazing work, shall we? This is a series called ‘Shadow Within’ by Christian Houge. It explores man’s relation to the wolf and.

The Wolf Man - In Focus - The Atlantic

Meet the Ex-paratrooper, who is so close to his pack of 29 wolves they eat meat from his MOUTH - BM Pak


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Wolf U, Wolf  Me, Wolf it together, naturally... :) ss

"It is madness for the sheep to talk peace with the wolf"Thomas Fuller Criminal Minds quote

walking wolf - Αναζήτηση Google

A gorgeous photo of a Cascades wolf in WA was recently snapped by an outdoorsman, on Wenatchee World

The black wolf pouncing in the snow.

wolveswolves: “Eastern timber wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) by Conrad Tan ”