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funny signs and bumper stickers - Google Search

funny signs and bumper stickers - Google Search

Funny ad placements

Tickld Mobile - Awkward Ad Placements I may be guilty of having a sick twisted mind because this made me laugh really hard!

Trinity Baptist Church Christiansburg, Va Church sign marquee

Trinity Baptist Church Christiansburg, Va New Years Sign

A Pew... for Me???  (find more funny church signs at funnysigns.net)

“If your life stinks, we have a pew for you – First Baptist Church”

This describes my church for sure                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Brutally Honest Church Signs Guaranteed To Spread The Word

That'll get your attention!

Dear editors, media buyers & you guys that hang billboards or layout newspaper & web pages, What were ya thinking! These funny ad placement & headline fails

This is literally a perfect depiction of traffic in Lexington, due solely to unnecessary work done on the roads. Yet, roads that need work get no attention.

10 Funny Signs that Will Make You Smile - funny signs

These hilarious photos of funny street signs are a true humor treasure. Lots of funny traffic signs, street and road names for you to enjoy

Wait... what???  (for more funny billboard signs visit funnysigns.net)

If you are illiterate, please read this sign. Then, write for free help. While driving 75 mph. Oh, wait a second.

Funny Street Signs: Speeding Tickets Available

Funny Store Signs: Clever, Amusing Street Sign Pictures, Photos

Funny Store Signs: Speeding Tickets Available

Not even close would be better want one of these for road trips including kids in the car

Road trip sign for kids

A prophecy come true... - Funny Campground and Road Signs - CampingRoadTrip.com

Pics Photos - From Cliff Falling Rocks Funny Signs Funny Warning Signs Funny Sign

Funny road signs and funny warning signs: Go Ahead. Drink and Drive: Jail, Hospital Morgue!

The asshole who chose to drink and drive, put my brother in the morgue. Someone who never drank or did drugs in his life, killed by a selfish 3 time drunk driving offender. If u drink in drive, f*ck u!

15 Hilariously Menacing Church Signs - They found you out @Lauren Davison Davison Davison Davison Brown

15 Hilariously Menacing Church Signs - funny church signs

funny church signs - Dump A Day

Funny Road Signs, saw this in Key West.| well then... that image certainly says it all! lol

Pics Photos - Funny Halloween Cemetery Dead End Sign Cemetary Graveyard Graves

Hmm. Do you think they always thought everything "homemade" was "ho made"?

Funny Grammar Mistakes On Signs In America [20 Pics]

The English language is tricky & everyone makes grammar mistakes every now and then. This collection of grammar mistakes on signs in the U.

This requires low cognitive effort if you are of age to drive, but is also confusing.  Why would one make such a round-about description of a left turn?  Takes too much time to read this sign that should say "turn left".

Funny Road Signs appear on every interstate to the Business Highway to Main Street in your very own town.