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Look at this funny picture which is showing a boston terrier dog being completely happy for playing in the mud. Funny happy dog in the mud picture.

The 60 Happiest Dogs On The Internet

The 60 Happiest Dogs On The Internet

Pit in the mud pit - He looks so happy! looks like my Jake and yes, he loves to play in the mud :)

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics

Humorous photos of two dogs and a pig living together like they are three dogs. This pig has some identity crisis.thought they were all dogs at first!

their faces... omg.

I love the look on the one to the left. Like the other guy is totally talking trash.

Bad rep.

Bad rep.

So You're Saying that Smell Came from Me? (Photo) - http://www.bterrier.com/so-youre-saying-that-smell-came-from-me-photo/ https://www.facebook.com/bterrierdogs

So You’re Saying that Smell Came from Me? (Photo) “Here is a funny picture of a Boston Terrier with big eyes wondering why you’re saying that smell came from him.

Boston Terrier cute eyes

Here is a funny photo of a Boston Terrier dog wondering what's behind him! Isn't It!" They scare me too.

Freedom Ride!

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 88 Pics. Dog rescued from the pound looks pretty stoked about its new life!and, we say animals have no feelings?

Pure Adorableness. And Hilariousness.

Best dog sign ever. I LOVE English Bulldogs, so I'd be this guys best friend until his human came back, then I wouldn't want them to leave.

A pitbull smile...the best sight in the world

Who doesn't love a smiling dog? We compiled some of the best smiling dogs the internet has to offer. You'll laugh out loud when you see

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