"The Tea Party", Kate Greenaway

This image by Kate Greenaway from Marigold Garden made me think of how the five Bennet sisters might have looked taking tea on a warm summer.

Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) was a late 19th-century author and illustrator. Along with Randolph Caldecott and Walter Crane, she was one of the three most influential, popular and respected English children’s illustrators of the time. Over a century after her death, her work remains sought-after, and The Kate Greenaway Medal, an annual prize (since 1955) awarded for excellence in the field of English children’s illustration, lives on in her honor.

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Tea Time, Teas, High Tea, Tea, Tees

Tea Time, Teas, High Tea, Tea, Tees

Early Birthday Celebrations: The Ritz Afternoon Tea and Piccadilly Institute

Early Birthday Celebrations: The Ritz Afternoon Tea and Piccadilly Institute - Steph Style

Kate Greenaway

You very fine Miss Molly, What will the daisies say, If you carry home so many Of their little friends to-day? Perhaps you take a sister, Perhaps you take a brother, Or two little daisies who Were fond of one another.

Kate Greenaway 1910 from The Marigold Garden - Street Show

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Polly - Kate Greenaway - Project Gutenberg eText 17168 - Kate Greenaway - Wikipedia

Polly, character from The Queen of the Pirate Isle by Bret Harte, illustrated by Kate Greenaway

May Day - Kate Greenaway - Wikimedia Commons

Kate Greenaway styles -- Kate Greenaway was a children's book illustrator in the late century, and often depicted girls in Empire styles, which influenced the dress of girls in the and

Baby Sleeps in Tree Top -Kate Greenaway.  This illustrator was one of Cicely Mary Barker's inspirations.

Catherine Greenaway 1846 – known as Kate Greenaway, was an English children's book illustrator and writer.

Kate Greenaway (1846 – 1901, English Gertie's Sun Flower

Kate Greenaway (1846 – 1901, English)