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This is one of the most infuriating, ignorant, & hypocritical things these believers do!

im an atheists.still i question what im told to be truths in science. Not really about what sounds realistic or not to you. But about your journey for the truth.

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This must be what all the girls told him back in school to keep his creepy hands off them. No-no-no Pat!! Mustn't touch!

Keep in mind, if there was no religion, we wouldn't have any diseases left. So if you know anyone who's ill, know they'd be fine, if history never allowed people like this guy.

These would be funny, except Republicans. || Rebuttal: Why were the American Taxpayers funding the hundreds of thousands of dollars of alcohol for the State Department, and up grading nearly new furniture in 2012?

Republicans cut funding to the centers for disease control; then blame Obama for Ebola? The main thing we have to fear is a bunch of hypocritical, lying, disingenuous, greedy asshat Republicans

zombie bowling ball. weird-things - again, the cousin didn't find this one but, @Mary Sue needs one.

Now I want to start a horror bowling league! (Not that I'm good at bowling, I just think it'd be awesome to freak out the normal's).

"Wind is a finite resource" said the man who is CHAIRMAN of the US House of Representatives Energy Committee!

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