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'Cast of Thousands', by Sebastião Salgado, Serra Pelada gold mine, Brasil, 1986

Un desierto en llamas: 10 imágenes de la crisis de los pozos petrolíferos de Kuwait Impactantes fotografías en blanco y negro de cuando el desierto fue un infierno

Sebastião Salgado's: "Kuwait: A Desert on Fire" The photographer captured the oil fires set ablaze by Iraqi soldiers in

Fotógrafo clásico  Jean Laurent , artista, inventor y empresario, nació en Garchizy, Francia, en 1816. Se trasladó a España en la década de ...

Sebastiao Ribero Salgado, The Gold Mine, Serra Pelada, Brazil 1986 gelatin silver print

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Sebastiao Salgado - mines d'or de la Serra Pelada Brazil 1986 one of my all time favourite photographers, shows the real heart of the people

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Waura Indians fishing in the Piulaga during the Kuarup, a rite to celebrate the dead, from series Genesis by Sebastiao Salgado

Serra Pelada, Gold Mine, Brazil 1986 . Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado Serra Pelada, Gold Mine, Brazil, I don't know anything about mining.but I didn't think it was chains of bodies crawling out of canyon like ants.

The Tetons, Snake River

Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

No es en tu rostro, donde se descubre tu hermosura, No es tu escultural silueta lo que te hace ser una mujer perfecta, es tu forma de pensar y la capacidad que tienes para amar a quienes te rodean, son los sentimientos que llevas en el corazón, lo que te determinará tu valor y tu belleza...

London, UK artist Jacob Sutton

I love how mysterious this photograph is! I like that some aspects of the Image are more focused than others underwater image by jacob sutton

[Found out about this photograph from Life is Strange. Hauntingly incredible.] Robert Capa. Spaanse Burgeroorlog 1936.

Robert Capa: 'The best picture I ever took' - a picture from the past

"The Falling Soldier" Spanish Civil War photo taken by Robert Capa. Original title Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 1936

Skateboarding in New York City as pictured by photographer Bill Eppridge in Pictures originally featured in Life Magazine on May 1965

Sebastião Salgado

Two boys jump into a quarry 1988 between Bloomington and Bedford in the U. state of Indiana, Sebastião Salgado

saul leiter snow 1960

Finding beauty and poetry in a cold, snowy city

The Photographers Gallery Saul Leiter's pioneering colour photography 22 Jan - 3 Apr 2016 Image: Snow, 1960 © Saul Leiter Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York


A nomad with chronic eye problems wears goggles to ward off dust, Phala, Chang Tang, Tibet (Photo by Melvyn Goldstein/National Geographic/Getty Images)

I'm watching Hoarders on TV right now.  This would be a good picture to paint on the ceiling in a room of a hoarder's house.

Creative Ceiling Art in a Smoking Room detail . This was designed by the Indian firm, Everest Branding Solutions for client Cancer Patients Aid Association(CPAA).