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Talk about pulling the wool over ones eyes. May you never have a bad hair day like this sheep!

Ah yah man, like way out. Groovy. Yeah dude. Hang five. This is what my mom needs.

Not sure what he is but cute enough to save. Possible alpaca.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.  ~ Proverbs 15:30

Grinning zebras by Exodus Travels thought it was a 2 headed zebra at first!

Get creative with your sheep shearing..I am going to do this with my alpacas. Too funny -

Alpacas after their annual shearing at Alpaca-Land farm, Goeming, near Salzburg Photographs: Kerstin Joensson/AP (via Eyewitness: Goeming, Austria

From the Facebook page of "Wool Applique", Kathy Brown posted this: "Aaaaccckk!!!! Miss me? We've missed you and our regularly scheduled Friday sheepie posts! Rest assured, we'll be baaaack!"

The Secret Lives of Sheep - Part 19 - Morris had no idea how long it took novacaine to wear off. He hoped it was soon.