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Girl Gamer!

Gamer lvl : Asians

It's sooooo cute!!! I'm dead

Oh hey there Phan I see you're just being adorable as always. Okily dokily I'll just be crafting later after binge watching your videos :')


Clinging On To The Last Bits Of Adolescence.<<This dude takes Spongebob bubble baths and was wearing a Captain America Shirt.

Meanwhile in London, Dan and Phil...

Meanwhile in London, Dan and Phil.<<<<<Yass Hannah Hoffman Check her out on YT

He's wearing his Papyrus shirt. And he's wearing Cookie Monster pants. And his response was from Hamilton. I love this man

Phil eating his cereal and he's wearing his Papyrus shirt, he's wearing Cookie Monster pants And his response was from Hamilton.

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AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire. They have a beautiful friendship, and anyone who contradicts that has obviously not watched their videos.