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onesie and tshirt for the kiddos

"Grandparents Don't Spoil Me..." Infant Creeper Baby Light Bodysuit

Another breastfeeding mommyism!

For all my breastfeeding friends! This was so true for me, too.

Grandparents@Prayer are asking you to pray for your grandchildren

Happy Grandparents Day and the Christian Grandparenting Network

A mother's prayer for realistic people.

A mothers prayer for realistic people. I heart Tina. Future "maybe" one? xD)children, this is the truth. Anywho this is funny and a nice read also. Go Tina Fey!

toddler mine... lol.. very true.. now to teach them differently!

I've been a nanny/au pair in 3 countries....toddlers are pretty much assholes worldwide

A toddler's rules of possession? How about a rules of possession. This is pretty much how I feel.

I adore being a Grand <3

Grandmas are very cool and more than awesome. Get something cool to let your Grandma know how awesome she really is!

Funny Stuff, Funny Things, Ha Ha


So true! I love the man my husband is as a father and I love seeing my dad play with my son