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Zarry Stylik

Zayn Malik & Harry Styles of One Direction for Teen Vogue

OH MY GOD...i just cant even take it KDJGVBKDJVB <3 <3 <3

"Some call our fans crazy; I call them passionate" - Zayn Malik My bf loves Harry & I love zayn so this is a perfect pic

”He’s just pretty, isn’t he?” - Harry Styles

"ooh bad boys" wow look at the lack of tattoos on their bodies it was a simpler time sigh


Crop top zayn and pouty Harry!

Might be my favorite picture ever.<<<< I was thinking that this was an amazing picture

People need to realize

"You can take the boy out of Bradford, but you can't take the Bradford out of the boy" I feel like that's appropriate here -E

Major Zayn feels lately

Adorable <3

"Zayn Malik & Lux & Harry Styles" Well Zayn looks thrilled.

I'm not even posting this for one direction, but for those to take a moment and really stop the bullying and such. Look at what potential any child has! Spread the word.

one direction remember: be nice to all the weird and nerdy boys.

I luv one direction

The guys One Direction Harry Styles Niall Horan Liam Payne Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson

Harry and Zayn...i think ive pinned this before...but OH WELL!! ITS 2 CUTE NOT 2 REPIN :)


It looks like Zayn has a slit in his eyebrow. " he does Liam shaved it in his eyebrow!

One Direction - Fotos - VAGALUME

One Direction

Zayn in Anan magazine - i luv his fluffeh hair

Zayn as Disney characters ❥ #Zayn Malik

Zayn as Disney characters ❥ Malik_funny tho xD

Quando foi mais velha vou olhar pra isto e pensar...."Credo tou mesmo velha"


One Direction- Niall in glasses OmG ZAYN I'm like wtf I love you even

Revealed: Zayn Malik of One Direction on the cover of Teen Vogue!

One Direction Shows Us Their Style Onstage And Off

One Direction's Zayn - Teen Vogue

One Direction Unplugged: the Movie, the Girls, the Sold-Out World Tour

One Direction Shows Us Their Style Onstage And Off

I'm loving Niall's face in this picture! Not that I dont like his face noramlly, I just like his face a little extra in this picture.

One Direction 2013 Photo Shoot | One Direction Is Adorable In Teen Vogue: "We're Not Really That Diva"

One Direction Is Adorable In Teen Vogue: “We’re Not Really That Diva”

Anybody know when this photoshoot was from? I don't remember seeing this picture>>>It's their new teen vogue photoshoot