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<<--- wow this funny and awkward at the same <<--- how did it go from cute puppy love to really funny and awkward so fast

It does help a little...

when I see really attractive people I just laugh because I know if we lived in the aztec culture they'd be sacrificed to the gods for their beauty


And this is why the Thor fandom is a great fandom. I SHIP IT.

We could hibernate. And scare people. I'm not seeing any downsides.

D "The right to bear arms"

Haaaaa http://ibeebz.com

I need to move on from call me maybe.>>> I made a song courus: Hey I just threw a grape in the a-air It hit a spider and now I'm scared and all the other times I was okay but now there's a spider on my face!

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Hahahaha the comment

oh my gosh, i am literally crying i am laughing so hard! the problem is i can totally see myself hiding and eating doritos behind a rug.


32 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2015

My son came home from preschool one day crying because I never told him John Wayne died :/ kids *shrug*

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This describes every one of my pintrest besties.<<< (( I would probably just attempt to hug the person ))