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Wait Annabeth has a phone! Annabeth could have texted people or something with a plan! Or does tarturas not have phone reception? Maybe it's too many monsters?


Sad AU Comic where Reyna dies protecting Nico. Unfortunately, she couldn't meet Bianca in the Underworld, since Bianca already chose to be reborn by this point.

harry potter and percy jackson combined. I LOVE IT.

There needs to be more Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter crossovers in the world.>>> this would be an awesome book/movie, a funny one at that>>rick riordan and jkr meeting would probably cause an apocalypse of wonderful.


"It was the best underwater kiss of all time." ~Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian AHHHHH percabeth!

Heroes of Olympus... Percabeth ❤️

Last pages of Mark of Athena into the House of Hades: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase falling into Tartarus amazing fan art

Annabeth gets what Annabeth wants.... in this case its her Percy

Annabeth gets what Annabeth wants.... in this case its her Percy

Every Light has Dark in it

It's a really good phrases for the Percy Jackson Series and in The Hero's of Olympus Series in the times of the events for the characters.

Calypso from Greek mythology and Percy Jackson series.

in which Leo blows up the Argo II and somehow ends up on Calypso’s island. Wouldn’t it be funny if Rick made Leo fall in love with Calypso, her maybe falling love with him, and then making him leaving.

Book 2: "I'm glad you're not a guinea pig."  Percabeth!!

Glad You're Not a Guinea Pig -- The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson Graphic Novel # first percabeth moment