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Sherlock's plan was never fool-proof, he was prepared to take the risk and die for his friends if he had to.

I hate that I love the depressing crap that this fandom puts me through.

When I first started reading down this I was thinking it was about what John is to Sherlock then I realized it was meant to be the other way around. But truthfully, wasn't the same for both? The feeling was mutual.


May I present you: The bakerstreet boys<<isnt it supposed to be Lestrade not Mycroft?

People are not rain or now or autumn leaves // Sherlock like “quick I have to come up with something that will make John stop caring about me” What actually comes out of his mouth “I researched you before we met, I did everything I could to impress you.

Benedict Cumberbatch Turns A Pap Ambush Into A Political Message --> seriously? That picture is photoshopped over his finger! Nope. Just nope. Done with people.

Benedict Cumberbatch Attacks UK Government August 2013

Our Ben is an awesome human, but the 'Lost Puppy' flyer photo going around is shopped, from this original (shot in 2014 when he had those series of flyers in support of UK journalist Glenn Greenwald) (thx, R!


I was happy when Moriarty died, then sad when Sherlock jumped and when John made the speech to Sherlock. Then I was jumping with joy when Sherlock was alive.