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"Try" --  by ~philsh on deviantART

Fractal Art Gallery features innovative fractal-based art, rooted in the spectacular beauty of fractal geometry. Here i have gathered a collection of fractal

Made with Ultra Fractal 5.04 - 34 layers in all. Full size view is recommended. Imported images (for texture) and some post-production tweaks and watermarks etc. have been used on this piece... hen...

Made with Ultra Fractal - full size viewing recommended. Other images in this jewel series that you might enjoy can be found in my Fractal Jewels gallery here: Link We all need more time so to.

Inspirational, for ongoing graphic designing...

♥Ultrafractal by Carin Dahlin aka Virus VON Fractalia♥ (fractal art)

Weather Machine by DeirdreReynolds on DeviantArt

Incendia EX VI Print can be purchased at Art by Deirdre Reynolds Weather Machine


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