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This couldn’t be any more true… considering I dont have a father on fathers day, some people need to get over themselves

This couldn’t be any more true…

Basically how I feel about it when people were whining and making fun of each other .

Look at all the fucks I give.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Behold! The field in which I grow my fucks. Lay thine eyes upon it and thou shalt see that it is barren.

I don't like the end with the tiger cause that's sad as hell, but the rest is really funny.

Funny things people (and lawyers) say in the courtroom. If these were actually said by people.

Chuck's Fun Page 2: NSFW - E-card humor

ecards hope you like my new recipe they're called shut the fucupcakes funny cupcakes baking rude fuck

If you believe in something... in the face of all opposition... walk your talk ... then you are neither in jeopardy of hypocrisy or dishonesty .... remember sinner ... 'tis human to err.... and man we have ALL BEEN THERE... as sinners !

Not that I want to be proud of or unrepentant of sin.I just would like to be honest, I am a sinner but God calls me by my name. When I repent I know I have been forgiven. Unlike others who live their life in a lie.

My life completely

My sister used to call me "fang face." You morning people just need to let me wake up.

Again..... Are you Ready!?

Sometimes you have to flip out and go bat shit crazy to a point.very true

30 Funniest Despicable me Minions Quotes #Funniest #Despicable me

30 Funniest Despicable me Minions Quotes

We sometimes forget and take it to heart Hold your head high and associate yourself with the ones you love and that genuinely love you back. Life is too short to allow people to hurt you through their own insecurities (defined-uncertainty or anxiety about ones self ; lack of confidence )

If people treat you unkindly, stop, breathe deep, and remember this. they are only reacting to their own unresolved problems, it truly has nothing to do with you. Then give them the finger

Sorry for the swear word but HAHHAHAH I was just saying this to my roommate yesterday!

Funny Confession Ecard: Sure, I walk around the house naked with the blinds open. If you're peeking in my window, your punishment is seeing me naked. Joke's on you, motherfucker.

These 25 People Are About To Feel Serious Pain. But They Sorta Have It Coming, LOL.

These 25 People Are About To Feel Serious Pain. But They Sorta Have It Coming, LOL.

Why women live longer than men. These 25 People Are About To Feel Serious Pain.

Haha  Santa

Dear Santa, Yeah, I was naughty this year. And it was worth it you fat judgmental bastard. Where can I buy this?

Funny Pictures – 41 Pics

Funny Confession Ecard: I cannot formulate an expression using tangible words in any language that would even begin to express how much you piss me off.

Men be careful what you say...

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