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Riding Outfit: I am in LOVE with the skirt part of this outfit. Aside from the tophat and boots I don't care about the rest.but this skirt is to die for!

Disney meets strampunk

Fashion/Disney Steampunk style Inspiration Someday Imma make Leigh and Myself steampunk disney princess costumes :p

Steampunk Costume Ideas - 30 Creative DIY Steampunk Costumes

30 Creative Steampunk Costume Ideas

Steampunk costumes represent the period of time when society was steam-powered. Here is a gallery of amazing homemade Steampunk Costume Ideas for women, men, couples, families and kids.

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Crimson and black steampunk dress with brass/gold accents. Love the lace under skirts and the tiny buttons and detail on the corset, not to mention the SPOONS! There are *gold spoons* on that corset!

The 6 Rules Of Steampunk Fashion

Rule Four

IBM has declared Steampunk fashion to be the next big trend, so it's time to learn its rules!

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Green steampunk dress-A lovely style, high-waisted, half-corset dress that can be worn over shirt and with suspenders.

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This is cute, and I can see Dagger wearing something like this. Perhaps as the bridesmaids dress for angelic wedding. Although, I kind of pictured dagger as more formidable.

steampunk couture | Thinng

underbust steampunk dress (link broken) Not sure if I like leather so much but if it were black I'd be ALL over that!

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Swap first layer with teal fairy dress, lave bellydance tie-top, use black corset-belt with matching teak ribbon. New playful outfit.

Tall Boots

victorian steampunk steam punk lace vintage burner boots leather tribal fusion, want these!--- I'm just in love with these boots!