Many benefits of blueberries includes softening dry skin, boosts your brain, and also prevent cancer. Find out here 10 great reasons to enjoy blueberries!

pick 6 or more bundle with rubber band  look  for interesting angles in composition

COLOR BLUE: crayons in different shades of blue. -up close(the crayons take up the whole frame) -leading lines(crayons are nicely lined up)

Whimsical Wrought Iron and Blue Skies

"ironwork roof" by Justin Short

Not sure what kind if fabric this is but we need to make something out of it

Not sure what kibd if fabric this is but we beed to make something out of it

Обои для iPhone. | ВКонтакте

Обои для iPhone. | ВКонтакте

rosewaterdream: “Found on pinterest via ”

rosewaterdream: “Found on pinterest via ”

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home or Office

Water damage can be caused in places you aren't aware of. Thus it is important to find out the invisible causes of water damage.

Dinamic Africa

HEAD WRAP Russian Architectural Digest, an architectural and interior design magazine, turned to Africa for inspiration for their latest shoot for interior design. Using the head wrap or “gele” as.