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A funny Ashley Purdy pic I made ;3. Mad photo creds to me.

A funny Ashley Purdy pic I made Mad photo creds to me.

Ashley Purdy

From Ashley's most recent insta post. I can't be trusted with glasses like that, I'd go around trying to hug people just to poke them in the face/neck with the spikes.

Jinxx / Black Veil Brides ilove this photo of him ♡ Jeremy Miles Ferguson

Haha! Ash...(:

I like this pic without Hello Kitty. Why do people send a grown man Hello Kitty stuff? I know he has a shirt that has an image of Hello Kitty but.the writing on said shirt definitely doesn't say "Hello Kitty".


I ship Andley! Even though Andy is taken and crap I still ship them

Ashley Purdy <3 this is one of the best Ashley Purdy gifs i've ever seen idek why

This has got to be one of the best ashley purdy gifs I have ever seen his smile 😲😲 his face 😵😵 he's my perfect angel and if anyone says anything I will hunt you down and kill you!