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Living with BPD is so much about getting out of bed, taking your medication, planning meals, taking care of yourself. I just can't say it enough.

Living with BPD is so much about getting out of bed, taking your medication, planning meals, taking care of yourself.

Great type of support group site for those who have experienced a miscarriage. You are not alone in the struggle.

i always wish i could see him play alongside his brothers, i grieve moments like that.

Personally, I couldn't say it better than this.  Every day is an illusion for I hide how I trully feel inside.  I hide it from my BFF, my co-workers and my boys.  I don't trust myself to let my emotions show for fear they will think I am truly crazy for still feeling this way after two years....MLandry

About losing my fiance, my soul mate, the love of my life.

Be yourself

Be yourself

Bipolar Disorder - "NOT a failure to think positive."

Bipolar disorder learn about it.your nephew suffers from it.so you need to be aware that he has mental difficulties that you might not be aware of.

Image result for losing a child quote

Image result for losing a child quote

A house fire took the lives of four of my cousins on March 21, 2017. Not a day has gone by that I don't think about them  #KellyStrong ~Sarah Marshall

For my sister (in law) and baby lentil - Loss, Grief Of Miscarriage/ Stillbirth

Exactly. 8/10/15: It's been 3 years now and I'm going back and looking at my pins... this one in particular jumped out at me. Just last week I had a meltdown signficant enough that I continually shook my head no. I did that ALL THE TIME in the beginning. No No No. And sometimes it still overwhelms me.

When your child dies, everything hurts.

It's certainly not a choice... it's just that I can't ....no!.... I won't stop grieving and loving you because a part of my heart went left with you.

Losing a parent to cancer essays The transformation of a man, and the struggle of dealing with someone losing their Mother. Read the essay free on Booksie.

A human being is more then one moment in time.

"I don't grieve just for the moment my loved one passed. I grieve the past, the future, and the now. A human being is more than just one moment in time." ~ Angie Cartwright Missing my son so very much




The Strongest Among Us Are The Ones Who Smile Through Silent Pain?ref=pinp nn Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about. Mentally strong people have healthy h

When life Is presently sucking and probably will for quite some time.

People including myself go through this and try to hide it by a smile. To not get people to judge u or feel sorry for you.

I can't hold it in It's grasping for me Trying to invade my consciousness Darkness... Enveloping me.

I felt it coming Tuesday night. I can't run and hide from it.

Yep. Dad's been gone for 6 months and I just keep expecting he'll be there.

♥ Miss you sister.

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A mother- infant loss, infertility or miscarriage awareness