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Oh i like it                  big old truck

Seen at the 2012 Stars & Stripes Show, Tatton Park, Cheshire. This one has a diesel engine.


Image detail for -ÏиĝĦ«« - custom-big-rig-wallpaper.

Butterfly 4 Door

Big Rigs & Semis - Pics of all S T R E C H E D rigs! - lets see pics of all rigs that have been streched.

Wow, that's a lot of money there. Ford COE at GNRS 2012

1939 Ford COE Custom Dual Transporter with a 1932 Ford Pick Up and a 1932 Custom Ford Coupe

Kenworth trucks are awesome .....

Thank you to the 1978 Movie Convoy,(that song tho)🙃.for making my love for 18 wheelers even stronger. This is a Kenworth Truck BTW.