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In the tundra there are very few trees and mostly short shrubbery. Trees can't grow there because the ground is frozen from 10 inches to 3 feet deep and the roots couldn't get the nutrients they needed.

There are two types of tundra biomes. There are alpine tundras and arctic tundras. This is an example of an arctic tundra. It traditionally has more snow and precipitation than the alpine biomes.

Tundra biome plants and animals

Tundra Biome: Interesting Info About its Plants and Animals

Tundra biome plants and animals


At the top of the food web, the Polar B ear reigns . T he only predator for the Polar bear is Man (not shown on this eco system chart). Polar bears eat the Arctic seal and the Atlantic salmon and.

Polar Bear Patrols Keep Bears And Communities Safer

This picture represents the characteristic of all living things maintain a stable internal environment. This image represents this characteristic because polar bears have a lot of fur to keep them warm in the tundra.