Dragon tutorial, love this. Its fun to draw fantasy animals & let your mind go wherever, cause there's no right or wrong with a mythical subject!

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I have been thinking to make tutorial about wings for a while. And now it's done! Or part of it. Duh, it's more like tips for drawing. There is much more to tell about them, so I might do part two ...

Wings man, he has them. Great glorious dragon wings ^_^ which are lemon yellow and he hates that, hence the tattooing (also that's badass cos it's like spine tattooing for us)

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All the cat breeds wouldn't fit on one document so I had to divide this one. The last 12 breeds, those with coat/tail/ear mutations, are in part 2 linke. Guide to Housecat Breeds 1

Cheederian head anatomy by BlackMysticA.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Reference sheet of the average cheederian (µ), my original species. Cheederians are felines with features of Oriental cats, lynxes and tigers. The cheederian head looks like an Oriental cat-lion/ti.