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Whether seeking a burst of adventure or just some downtime on the beach, these vacation spots from New Zealand to Italy to Mexico are worth a visit. Find more of the best vacation spots and travel destinations on Domino.

the underwater is a big space that your can swin anywhere, you wan to go.

Funny pictures about Dive. Oh, and cool pics about Dive. Also, Dive photos.

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Top 10 Beaches for Summer 2015

I lost my heart to the ocean, and with it a piece of my soul. Love this quote for a tattoo

my childhood living by the ocean. Lucky us

There is a part of me that SO badly wants to live at the beach and in the summer just be able to ride my bike to the beach with my best friend to go Surfing and just ugh that is the LIFE

Am I crazy town or do these kind of look like piranhas? [thunderbolts and sparks]

An entry from thunderbolts and sparks

I would love to go to a tropical island and look into the water and see bright beautiful fish swimming around me. Wow what I'd do for a picture like this!

this is for you @juliaannepent

Photo (French Voguettes)

Pineapple is known for centuries in folk medicine, and today is number one fruit in every weight loss diet menu. Pineapple-Super Food for Good Health with a Vibrant Tropical Flavor!

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I can see the weekend, now I just DGAF (44 Photos)

To jump off a cliff - check, but next time, to be brave enough to do it from a higher place ✼

Road Trip with my Girls <3

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kauai allthestufficareabout

All the places I want to visit before I turn 30

kauai allthestufficareabout

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this is how we troll for sharks on the Texas Gulf Coast.a little chum.one line on each leg with.when we catchem we pullem up to the surf board and shootem.now that's Shark fishin redneck style.

Summer shine - swimming in the ocean beach with flippers like fish and dolphins!

When I stop struggling I float. It is the law.

The calmness of the water, drifting away all negativities of the human soul, as we float on in complete serenity.