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I wasn't ready for that.

The hundredth anniversary. And Sherlock series xD I will be 65 years old when the anniversary airs.

Very accurate

Just join the Supernatural fandom. Your heart is ripped out multiple times

there's a twenty one pilots art contest and i kinda want to enter but on the other idk what to draw within my artistic abilities :/

Me because well I listen to so much music I would talk forever about it!

I would them.. Them.. Let that kick in babe... I've been calling people babe a lot? What is up with me? xD

I would run to my room and turn up BVB songs as loud as possible and sing along then go up to them and be like you are life and walk away lol I wish I was that cool in reality I would probably faint

Most accurate observation about fandoms!

what if this person actually needs help and u guys are like "fandoms lol" I mean just saying <<< fandoms lots of love, league of legends or laughing out loud