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The Superhero equation.

Take away love and you're a super awesome billionaire hero. Add a physical item and your a super awesome lovable hero.

Pop Culture Math

Pop Culture Math

"Justice League of America Maths" Warsaw, Poland-based artist Matt Cowan has designed a wonderful series of pop culture math equations that calculate the o

Superhero equations 8

Equações de Super-Heróis

Making superheroes 5

Pop Culture Mathematics

Art: Pop Culture Mathematics by Italian-based Scottish Illustrator Matt Cowan

Becoming a superhero is oretty simple

So easy to be a super heroe D:

The hero we want

The hero we want

I'm pretty sure that this is supposed to show how "awesome" Deadpool is, but this is just another thing to add to my long "reasons why I hate Deadpool" list.

Super heroes and guitars!  This is the perfect mash-up for Reed!

Funny pictures about Guitar Heroes. Oh, and cool pics about Guitar Heroes. Also, Guitar Heroes photos.

Pretty much

Funny pictures about Superhero math. Oh, and cool pics about Superhero math. Also, Superhero math.

super heroes!

little boys room - super heroic minimalism Art Print


Les Super Héros expliqués avec des équations simples

Making Superheroes 5

Oh my...

That moment when you find out that Joker and Robin went to school together, Captain America and Black Widow dated, she, Alfred and Wolverine were friends, and Wolverine fought Batman.

Super Emo Friends…

Funny pictures about Super Emo Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Super Emo Friends. Also, Super Emo Friends.

Star Wars pictogram - #StarWars #graphic

Superheroes Now here's some math that comic book and pop culture enthusiasts around the world can understand. Italy-based graphic designer Matt Cowan has a

Brilliant. Simplified Super Heroes and Villains Icons.

The Incredible Icons from re:design. DC Universe superheroes (and some Marvels too;) done in the style of Aiga icons.

imgur: the simple image sharer

The most awesome images on the Internet

Iconic X-Men from re:design. Many of the X-Men members done in the style of Aiga icons. I think X-Men characters would have been a better title - I'm pretty sure Mr. Sinister never made the team.

Super Heroes and their Part Time Jobs

Super Heroes and their Part Time Jobs

Super Heroes and their Part Time Jobs. I love batman: I don't need a job (im batman) and iron man.