Submission - Tribute to the Beacon of light, beauty, and perfection that is Pyrrha Nikos. My Fall Maiden

RWBY #Pyrrha #Nikos  Babs?

Hey anon idk if this what you meant but i can never pass up a good redesign opportunity (i have been itching to try my hand at designing armor)!

RWBY: A Sacrifice For Yang

is Radio, rediscovered - - END GAME - () by kingjoestar in Richmond

rwby cosplay nora - Google Search

Nora Valkyrie (RWBY) by dissectr One of the two most adorable murder machines…

RWBY - Jaune and Pyrrah #rwby #jaune #pyrrah #cosplayclass

RWBY - Jaune and Pyrrah #rwby #jaune #pyrrah #cosplayclass

Pyrrha Nikos. Is anyone else still sad after watching that episode??!! Cause I am!!! I can't tell you how pissed I am with Roosterteeth!!

I can't tell you how pissed I am with Roosterteeth!<< I just wish Pyrrha hadn't.

RWBY_ Can anyone tell me about what this stands for and about the story/characters/is it a manga?

☺ Pyrrha sits on a bench overlooking the Vale beach, she smiles as the autumn breeze rolls in, watching sunset