Classic pink and blue diaper cakes

When it comes to baby shower gifts, anyone can make their own baby gift basket. Do-it-yourself baby gift baskets can be very fun and person.

Custom Prince or Princess Castle Diaper Cake - DEPOSIT ONLY - Baby Shower Centerpiece - Baby Gift

Custom Prince or Princess Castle Diaper Cake by ShariKaysKreations WOW talk about crazy ideas people get.

Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes make beautiful baby shower gifts or centerpieces. These are instructions on how to make the beautiful spiral shaped diaper cakes for baby showers.

One of the hottest trends in baby showers is a frog theme. And why not, your guests will have a hoppin' good time when they see all these toadily...

no tutorial, just use the photo as inspiration for building one with baby items.disposable diapers, washcloths, receiving blankets, accent w/baby items (small things).

Modern Diaper Cakes {Follow Up}

Modern Diaper Cakes {Follow Up