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Create MVC Application Using Razor View Engine

This article introduces the Repository pattern in an MVC application.


Gorgeous Victorian infographic shows Earth’s mountains and rivers as we knew them over 150 years ago

Best Trick ever, need to remember this one

This has saved me many times

Genius trick for when you forget somebody's name. I'll have to remember this. I suck with names

YouTube Channel Embed

YouTube Channel Embed

Writing efficient queries with Entity Framework Code First (Part 3)

In this series, we will explore the Social Recipes sample application. This is a simple application that is intended to show some of the common inefficient queries that can be generated using En

That camera built into your phone isn't just for taking selfies anymore! Check out these ingenious uses that will have you asking the age-old question, "Why didn't *I* think of that?"  :-)

50 Brilliant Ways To Use The Camera In Your Smartphone