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DROPKA tribe in Ladakh, India. The Drokpa tribe indulge in music, dance and barley wine. Beautiful documentary on: beforethey com

Dark skinned beauty

Dark skinned beauty


Featuring Tanzanian model Herieth Paul for Tush Magazine, this editorial is a blend of olden and modern Africa


This might actually b too small :) Beata Bieniak. S) Suit case house small house

stare down

Facepainting inspiration - The country of Honduras is home to people of various ancestries, most notably the Maya

Naxi Shaman, (Dongba) China

Naxi Shaman, (Dongba) China

Saul Leiter

Photo by Saul Leiter, 1 9 5 "T". Saul Leiter (born is an American photographer and painter whose early work in the and was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as the New York School.