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KPop Fans Can Relate #242: Yeah, I hate when people judge me because of this just because I'm not Korean or Asian for that matter; I'm Mexican and everyone judges me because I listen to KPop. Everyone thinks that I don't understand the music, when I actually understand some of it, besides, you don't have to understand the music to <3 it. ^.^

Person: OHH i like KPOP too Me: Really what is the song Person: Gangnam Style Me: *laughs* Sorry hun we're not friends tell me when u like other songs OTHER than that song

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My kpop feels it never fails to make me smile even at my worst states

D': if only i could

Leeteuk left for the army today. :'( I wish him luck, safety, and hope.

BOOM! there ya go. Although, there are some bromances in kpop, just saying.

Although, there are some bromances in kpop, just saying. (A gay fan service) ohohoho

kpop fans can relate

kpop fans can relate. me it's gotten to the points where my parents understand now 😂

I can definitely rock the chopsticks... after A LOT of practice :)

Super fly XP even growing up it was fun cuz I was the weird half Asian kid who moved from Japan and was born in Florida who used her weird Asian chopsticks

especially when I am at work...

Makeup, Fashion, Music and Life = Me: Kpop Friday: Kpop Fans Can Relate // I also blame Japan for that, but hey, I'm polite.

OMG YES XD OMG NO. I still fail at recognizing who is who -_-

I still fail at recognizing who is who -_->>>> haha same, still learning who is who xD

Damn yassss it is just so true that i can even say whether that person is korean just by looking at them.

when you are too much into kpop/korean dramas

there are a lot of words in korean that sound like mandarin, taiwanese, and fewer like japanese (im not fluent in japanese yet, only learning), so i always feel like i can almost understand it but i actually cannot

hahahah i think im speaking Korean but in reality probably not XD.  And now one of my kids does it, too!

More like mumble the parts you don't know, silence on the rap parts, and screaming all the English parts at the top of your lungs.

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!   { #Kpop #KpopFunny #KpopMeme } ©KpopAmino

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! { #Kpop #KpopFunny #KpopMeme } ©KpopAmino

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA True...my friends do this with Japanese as well...though I'm almost fluent so....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA True I'm better at Japanese tho But if someone from Japan were to hear me they'd be like wth

KPOP Fans Can Relate #771: So have done this when I was learning some Korean kekeke :P

Whenever someone answers the phone in a kdrama I always automatically go "yeoboseyo" with them lol