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Strange your Sherlock is showing

Strange, your Sherlock is showing.<<Benedict can't help it he's always THAT character<<true

What is that saying? "Nobody has Loki feels like Tom Hiddleston does." Apparently so. -pinner. This is great! XD

17 Actors Who Are Basically Their Characters IRL --> All the Avengers, half of Harry Potter, and John Barrowman twerking, which may be the greatest thing I'll see all day.

larygo:  sorry, i couldn’t get away from this idea…what am i doing (x)  Jurassic World deleted scene

Tom hiddleston velociraptor impression with cumberbatch

That last comment - perfect!

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You shut your mouth! Shakespeare will never truly die! So don't you DARE upset Tom in such a way!

The first time I heard my niece talking about "Hawkeye," I thought she was saying "Hot Guy."  I was like, sarcastically, "How modest that's his superhero name."  Then I saw him, and I was like, "Oh."

I knew it. I knew he had to be good. (He was trained by olympic archers.) YES put "Shooting arrows with Jeremy Renner" on my bucket list!