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La muerte and Xibalba - Поиск в Google

Book of Life was most definitely my favourite film that came out in 2014 Pretty Death Figures

Xibalba - "I believe we have our wager: Which boy would marry her?"  La Muerte' - "Very well!"

Book of Life (Mexican legend - comparable to Hades & Persephone?) Also film by Guillermo del Toro starts off with the whole 'naughty kids at museum' thing.

"La Muerte's dress is red, it represents love, passion & life. The only red in Xibalba's design are his skull-shaped irises, because he only has eyes for La Muerte." - The Book of Life storybook art

Adorable La Muerte and Xibalba (Xibalba tells La Muerte-“ I spend my entire day thinking about you mi amore. The only person who sees the kind part of my heart ”)

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Finished this one last night: "Poppy", ACEO, inches. Micron Pen, graphite, Prismacolor and a touch of clear star glitter pen.