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A lot of problems would never be problems. if we could learn to talk to each…

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CHOICES ✿ Words or actions - both can have profound affects on those around us. Our decisions may benefit us; but when they upset or hurt someone,

Wait for the Right One

I believe this is true. Lord knows that I am so much more grateful for great qualities and good character now. Integrity and loyalty matter. I didn't realize how much until I dated a cheater (or two).

redfairyproject.com - daily inspiration  Don’t apologize for who you are. Embrace it. Not only are you enough, but in fact, you are amazing. Let this land not from a place where the ego stands but from your true self. You’ve gotten glimpses of it in moments of silence, perhaps in nature or when surrounded by true beauty. When those …

Don't apologize for who you are

Don't apologize for who you are. Embrace it. Not only are you enough, but in fact, you are amazing. This belief comes from your true self, not the ego.

When another Try s to make his ex look bad all the time. Step back. Look at the man saying it. RuN!!

I'm not one for pointing out these sorts of things because frankly if you gossip your quite a small minded person and overlooked because of it but I found this quite spot on. there's a reason your no longer part of my life :) cheers


“Passively listening to gossip or negative talk is implied agreement.” — Scott Hardy ♥ Do you agree or disagree?

- Todd Alan

When you find the backstory of the yippiest, yappyest, gossipy, backstabbing bee you know.

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Happiness is a choice. Life isn& about pleasing everybody

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If You are too busy Looking for the Perfect Person . you will probably miss the Imperfect Person . Who could Make you Perfectly Happy .