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Sacred geometry is an ancient science, a sacred language, and a key to understanding the way the Universe is designed. It is the study of

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.as above so below, spirituality and astrology

Spiritual healing through consciousness is now flowing through our relationships expanding into the dimension paradigm and way of life.

As the most significant of all the symbols in sacred geometry, the Flower of Life is encoded with the blue-print for all creation; containing within it the proportions of every single aspect of life there is. Four yantra banner includes the symbols: flower of life, metatrons cube, sahashara and sri yantra.

4 Yantras: the Flower of Life (all triangles), Metatron's cube (hexagrams and cubes), the Sahashara (?), and the Sri Yantra (hexagrams aplenty).

Fire Element and it's Sacred Geometric Symbol ~ Tetrahedron 4 Faces Equilateral Triangles by Sanchit Sawaria

What Is Your Element?

Fire Element and it's Sacred Geometric Symbol ~ Tetrahedron 4 Faces Equilateral Triangles. Fire is my element

"Si tú permites que: Tu corazón sea tu brújula. Tu mente sea tu mapa. Tu alma sea tu guía. Nunca te perderás."

"With my ninth mind I resurrect my first, and dance slow to the music of my soul…

If you dream about it, think on it, study it, live it, breathe it, take action on it you can and will own it. This is the magic of The Magician.  Realizing heaven to earth.  Believe it. Now go get it.

The chakra, the pineal gland or third eye, your connection to the spiritual world. While meditating focus on your third eye, close your physical eyes and imagine your third eye open. Concentrate on the third eye chakra, feel the energy disk spinning c

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#islamicdesign #islamicpattern #arabianart #geometry #symmetry #handmade #mathart #regolo54 #escher #tiling #rainbow #escher