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Benders! I had purple and blue, used about twice and left for dead!

Yeah, I had these. loved them. I used to curl my hair constantly. And the perms too. Emma's mom used to perm half the school's hair.

Salon selectives - Loved this stuff! Loved the smell and would always get compliments that my hair smelled like apples.

There's another more recent…maybe 60's version of this I wish I still had.

Old Maid card game. Grandma had this too.loved playing card games with Grandma.

32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

Guess Jeans

Guess Jeans-- had to have 'em -- so my mom bought me ONE pair of these and said never again. When they wore out, I picked the triangle off and sewed them to another pair of jeans.

Scorching hot metal slides. Can still feel the burn on the back of my legs.

Hot sun on metal playground slides. But was still fun - especially if you used a sheet of waxed paper under your butt to go faster!

Maybelline Kissing Koolers - I had forgetten about these until now! Holy blast from the past.I had the Watermelon Flavor---ha!

I freaking LOVED my stirrup pants! With long sweaters and ankle boots, that was my wardrobe statement in the >>> Stirrup Pants

The thermos that came with a lunch box. It made a weird sound as you drink from letting air in the other hole.

Strawberry Shortcake thermos Younger remember I had this one? It matched my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox.

legs+stirrup pants=Me constantly hoping I was avoiding plummers butt if I had to bend over. But it was all good as long as I had my 2 alternate colored pairs of socks on OVER my stirrup pants.

Maybelline Dial a Lash Mascara

Maybelline Dial a Lash Mascara- The higher the number the thicker your lashes will be

See-through colored visors - with had completely forgotten about these! :)

Retro Golf Sun Visor Summer Hat cap One Size Fits all Pub Golf Fancy Dress

Stylish home: Libraries - myLusciousLife

Anyone else get excited when they see these bindings?Golden Books - loved these always brings me back to my childhood love, reading!

No More Tangles

Johnson's No More Tangles. My mom used to chase me around with a comb and a bottle of this---I hated getting my hair combed out!

former pinner said: sticker albums. i loved collecting stickers as a kid. who didn't in the there were so many fun ones.puffy stickers, googly-eyes, scratch n' sniff, a plethora of rainbowed options