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No joking, I need this! #judy #hopps #nick #wild #zootopia

No joking, I need this! #judy #hopps #nick #wild #zootopia

hell yeah, i’m one of those crazy Zootopia fans too couldn't hold myself from drawing these two sweeties ✿✿✿ Pweeeeaz. My Shining Star /Zootopia fanart/

#Disney #DisneyArt

#Disney #DisneyArt

CjjJGxZUYAAH-Md.gif (268×380)

Now to top off all my other mental deformities is the fact that I'm strangely in love with an animated fox.

Here's the complete comic! Gosh the file is so heavy XD Successful Selfie Comic

Night Terrors ~ Zootopia ~ Nick Wilde ~ Judy Hopps

Night Terrors - Zootopia by RickGriffin

Night Terrors ~ Zootopia ~ Nick Wilde ~ Judy Hopps (is it bad I ship them even though that wouldn't work out?

Love In An Elevator by Akiric

akiric: “Love In An Elevator Want to vote for next week’s image or see some risque sketches then check out my Patreon here!

Giovanna De Aguiar Rosa& zotopia❤💙 images from the web

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